Bliss CBD Oil for Wellness: Your New Painfree Life

Bliss CBD Oil for Wellness: Your New Painfree Life

CBD Oil for Wellness

Begin a new journey of relief and wellness with our Relief Genetically Aligned CBD Oil. We have designed this product to tackle the inflammation and pain that’s interrupting your daily activities. Embrace a better life without discomfort, using just a dropper of our Relief Tincture to start your journey towards a pain-free existence.

Genetic CBD Oil for Wellness F/7: Relief™

Combat Inflammation and Pain

We proudly present our 30ml Full Spectrum CBD product, thoughtfully crafted to sync with your unique DNA profile. Relief, our unique blend of CBD oil derived from superior quality hemp, essential oils, and terpenes, targets inflammation and pain in your body. You can take our Relief tincture orally or sublingually for rapid and effective absorption.

Key Ingredient: Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol (CBD)

Extracted from hemp, our CBD oil is one among the many cannabinoids or chemical compounds found in marijuana. While THC induces intoxication, CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid receptors without the high. Evidence suggests that CBD can help manage symptoms of restless sleep, stress, depression, PTSD, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, pain, inflammation, ADHD, cognitive impairment, memory function, and nausea. Moreover, CBD enhances the natural endocannabinoids in your brain, which can stimulate neurogenesis in certain areas. This process has connections with improvements in anxiety and stress resilience.

How to Use Our Genetic CBD Oil for Wellness

Relief serves as a dietary supplement designed to reduce inflammation in the body and control the pain response. Starting your path towards improved health and wellbeing is as easy as using a dropper of Relief.


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Genetic CBD Oil for Wellness has been shown in a number of phase I and phase II research, and phase III clinical trials, to either directly or indirectly affect symptoms of:
[1] Restless sleep and sleeplessness
[2] Anxiousness and stress
[3] Depressed mood
[4] PTSD
[5, 6] Multiple Sclerosis
[7] Epilepsy
[8] Psychopathy
[9] Pain
[10] Inflammation
[11] ADHD
[12,13] Cognitive impairment and memory function
[14] Nausea


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